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financial sustainability in San Jose through common sense government

Who we are

Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility (CFR) was founded in January 2011 by several community-minded San Jose residents.  While working together on various community service projects, we realized that even though we have diverse social philosophies and political views, there are two strongly held common values. 

First, a recognition that citizen involvement and action to improve our future must be ongoing.  This belief in “eternal vigilance” is what drives the members of CFR to reach the generations with our message.

Second, that government officials, both elected and non-elected, must be responsible stewards of the money that citizens entrust to them through the taxes and fees we pay.  This quest for more effective and responsible government was the driving force behind the decision to formalize our group as “Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility”.

CFR is a non-partisan organization.  Our members have diverse professional, philosophical, religious and political backgrounds and beliefs.  Our shared focus is on fiscal responsibility in government, and actively working for a brighter future for San Jose and Santa Clara County. 

Board of Directors


Our purpose

We believe it is possible for San Jose to be a city where the majority of residents are rightfully proud and comfortable living, playing, raising families and doing business.  The members of CFR advocate on behalf of the taxpayers of San Jose and seek to be a positive force for fiscal responsibility in our city.

Every person individually may have a different idea of what quality of life looks like for them, but stepping back and taking a broader look, there are several qualities that are highly regarded by the majority of citizens: 

  • Aesthetically pleasing parks and roadways
  • Clean and graffiti-free downtown and neighborhoods
  • A high priority on law enforcement and crime prevention
  • Attractive business climate that provides well-paying jobs for residents
  • Adequate facilities and services such as libraries, trash removal, sewer, and power

In general, a feeling of living in a safe, secure, financially sound, and attractive community.

In order to sustain a desirable quality of life for all, our leaders must be fiscally responsible.  What is fiscal responsibility?  The term fiscal relates to taxation, public revenues, or public debt and especially to the money a government earns, spends, and owes.  Responsibility means being morally, legally, or mentally accountable, reliable and trustworthy. 

As citizens of San Jose, we want to be confident that our city leaders are using the money we give them to care for our city in a reliable, trustworthy, and sustainable manner.  As members of CFR, we will hold them accountable to that end.


Our mission

Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility is dedicated to advocating a responsible approach to government that will achieve fiscal, economic, and environmental accountability and sustainability, as well as a desirable quality of life for current and future generations.  


In the community - education and conversation

The members of Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility are passionate about educating and informing the community about how money is handled by our City leaders. We have made presentations to the Mayor, Councilmembers, city management and staff, chambers of commerce, businesses, community groups and neighborhood associations.

Schools, fraternities and sororities, chambers of commerce, business associations, service organizations, and many other groups within San Jose are signing up to have us speak to their members.  Contact us to schedule a presentation and discussion with your organization. 



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